Handlebar BMX Farr-ST JC Signature 8″ Rise Black

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It’s no secret that the 31.8mm oversize standard is stiffer than the traditional 22.2mm used in the past.

With quite a few brands now offering 31.8 as their default option for adult riders, we wanted to take the concept even further.

Having already seen the strength and rigidity benefits of widening the clamping area with our HeadSpace range of stems for MTB, we knew there could be a performance benefit for BMXers.

Today’s PRO riders are putting their equipment to the test in ways not seen in the past. These demands coupled with modern riding styles and techniques mean that a stiff and precise front-end is not only essential but also beneficial for faster and more efficient lap times!

With our new SUPA-X handlebar we have taken the oversize and stiff concept to the next level …. Featuring the widest 31.8mm clamping area in the market these bars are ready to attack the track!

We worked with Jordan Callum on this concept and developed a Signature Model based on his preference for width, rise and sweep.

Featuring triple butted 4130 chromoly tubing coupled with our exclusive bending molds, these bars are unlike any others on the market.

Compatible with all 31.8mm stems … we do however suggest matching them to our SUPA-X stems for the ultimate stiffness gains!

  • 13 butted 4130 Chromoly Tubing
  • Wider 31.8mm clamping area
  • 720mm width
  • 8″ rise
  • 4 degree rear sweep
  • 2 degree up sweep
  • Weight : 1011g

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  • 31.8mm clamping area
  • Oversize design
  • Compatible with all stems but even stiffer with the SUPA-X stem