Handlebar Carbon Farr 720 V2 Black

$255.00 AUD

720mm Wide
9 Degree Rearward Sweep
31.8mm Bore
167g / Full Carbon Construction

The original FARR product with it’s unique added hand position and aero options. Designed and developed for Stage Racing / Marathons / Endurance MTB rides.

See what the press had to say about these unique  handlebars :

USA ( Bikerumor.com ): https://bikerumor.com/2018/01/10/farr-builds-a-better-endurance-mtb-barr-getting-a-grip-on-u-s-distribution/

“Yet a little wild from the top. Most importantly though, they seem to be very comfortable and ideal for their intended purpose.”

Australia ( AMB Mag ): https://www.ambmag.com.au/feature/tested-ride-farr-farr-barr-492368

“If you love to chew through kilometres on your bike, and you have your eyes on events with long, open sections, then I think the Farr Barr is a good choice.”

Updated for 2021 in a new Black on Black Version. 

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The perfect upgrade for your Stage Race / Marathon machine. 167g!