Stem Headspace 50mm Ext 35mm ( includes 31.8 Shim Set )

$80.00 AUD

Retro-inspired, modern functionality. Enduro / Trail Ready.

Seeing the positive response to our 70mm version, which is for 31.8mm handlebars, we knew we had to design a shorter and burlier version!

So, here it is! Embracing the 35mm handlebar size for it’s superior strength and overall compatibility with Trail / Enduro and Fun E-Bikes, we are very proud of the unique end result.

Realizing that this stem would also probably be an option for riders with the slightly smaller 31.8mm handlebar size, we have designed the body and clamps to accept a custom handlebar shim set. The shim set will be available separately and has been designed to fit the width and shape of the clamps perfectly.

With it’s Forged Alloy main body and wider clamping area the Headspace 35 offers incredible torsional stiffness and rigidity compared to narrower designs. Add in the 35mm diameter handlebar interface and this is one seriously aggressive and stiff setup!


  • 50mm Extension
  • 35mm Bar Diameter
  • Forged and CNC-machined construction
  • 31.8mm Compatible ( with shim set / now included )
  • 139g

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